Evil has no gender in The Night of the Virgin, coming soon to VOD

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

The Night of the Virgin Roberto San Sebastian

Director Roberto San Sebastian's Spanish horror-comedy THE NIGHT OF THE VIRGIN has racked up thirteen awards while making the festival rounds, many of those for being the "Best Film" in the categories it played in. Soon it will be available to be viewed by a wider audience, as Cleopatra Entertainment is planning to give it a VOD release on June 12th.

Starring Javier Bodalo, Miriam Martin, Victor Amilibia, Ignatius Farray, and Rocio Suarez, THE NIGHT OF THE VIRGIN centers on 

Nico, a naïve twenty year old, who is determined to lose his virginity at a New Year’s Eve party. When he finds Medea, a cunning and attractive mature woman, he follows her home with the promise of finally losing his virginity. There’s only one problem. Instead of celebratory sex, he receives an intense lecture about the Nepalese goddess Naoshi and finds a cup of menstrual blood in the bathroom. Things go from perverse to worse when Medea’s jealous boyfriend arrives, trapping Nico in the apartment with the steadily growing suspicion that Naoshi is no myth.

The film was written by Guillermo Guerrero and produced by Kevin Iglesias.

THE NIGHT OF THE VIRGIN will also be receiving a DVD release on July 10th. To help you decide whether or not you want to see this film, the trailer and poster are included below.

Thankfully it looks pretty good, because I was already sold on seeing it as soon as I read the title.

Source: Arrow in the Head

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