Excl: We talk Hanna w/ Joel Kinnaman, Mireille Enos & Esme Creed-Miles!

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

On March 29th, Amazon will unveil the first season of Hanna, its remake of Joe Wright's 2011 film about a teenage girl, raised in the woods her entire life by her special operative father, who finds herself suddenly thrust into the real world when their reclusive lives are disrupted by the arrival of the CIA. While the first several episodes of the series definitely share some similarities to the Wright film, eventually it goes off on its own course, sending Hanna on new adventures and presenting her with dangerous new threats. But, as anyone who has seen HANNA knows, it's very likely that the young girl is the most dangerous threat there is.

Recently we were invited to talk to the main players in Hanna, as well as showrunner David Farr, to help prepare you for this intriguing new take.

To the delight of fans of AMC's mystery-thriller series The Killing, that shows two stars have reunited for Hanna. In the Amazon show, Joel Kinnaman takes on the role of Erik Heller, Hanna's overprotective father and trainer, while Mireille Enos tackles more villainous duties as Marissa Wiegler, the CIA agent intent on killing both Erik and Hanna. I spoke to the duo about working alongside each other again after all these years, exploring their characters' motivations, what they learned about their young co-star and much more!

Esme Creed-Miles may basically be a fresh face in the business, but she's got showbusiness in her blood: her mother is Oscar-nominated actress Samantha Morton (seen now on The Walking Dead) and her father is longtime British film and television actor Charlie Creed-Miles (Peaky Blinders). Speaking with her, it's clear Creed-Miles is savvy and intelligent, good traits when taking on a role like Hanna, whom she talked about playing extensively. Alongside Esme, showrunner David Farr was on hand to talk about casting the young actress, adapting the film into a series, how far ahead his game plan extends and more!

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