Exclusive 1:1 Interview with Before Midnight Director Richard Linklater!

Richard Linklater has always been a favorite of mine. From the classic high school flick DAZED AND CONFUSED to the engaging SUBURBIA, he has always found a way to tap into his characters with an honest edge. Yet it is BEFORE SUNRISE, BEFORE SUNSET and his latest, BEFORE MIDNIGHT that really manage to convey love, relationships and the simple power of connecting with somebody in a fascinating and satisfying way.

When I spoke to this incredibly talented writer/director, we talked about the characters of Celine and Jesse and what makes them special. We talked about going to a darker place in terms of their relationship and we also discussed the idea of revisiting the two later on down the road. Mr. Linklater is fascinating to talk to as he is so very down-to-earth and extremely friendly – not to mention an incredible filmmaker. Personally, I’d love to see what Celine and Jesse are up to in another ten years or so. Check out BEFORE MIDNIGHT this weekend and you won’t be disappointed.

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