Exclusive: Camille Keaton is armed and dangerous in Cry for the Bad Man clip

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

Cry for the Bad Man Camille Keaton Samuel Farmer

Star of the original I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE, one of the most famous revenge thrillers of all time, Camille Keaton is back to deal out some more violent vengeance in writer/director Samuel Farmer's film CRY FOR THE BAD MAN. The title comes from a Lynyrd Skynyrd song, but I assume its meaning here is that Keaton is going to mess up her enemies so badly that you'll want to cry for them.

Today we have an EXCLUSIVE clip to share from CRY FOR THE BAD MAN. It's embedded below, and shows Keaton arming herself for the fight ahead.

Keaton's co-stars in the film include Scott Peeler, Karen Konzen, Eric Dooley, Christopher James Forrest, Mark Poppleton, Victor Jones, and Kurt McCall. The synopsis: 

Small town widow Marsha Kane (Keaton) lives in self-imposed isolation, mourning the sudden death of her husband. When the sons of a wealthy local businessman begin an escalating campaign of harassment to force her off her land, the Widow Kane's mysterious and murky past begins to surface. With a corrupt sheriff's deputy in on the scheme, unsympathetic locals questioning her motives, and her estranged daughter urging caution, Marsha is forced to make a stand on her own.

Coming our way from Bad Man Pictures and Chance in Hell Productions, CRY FOR THE BAD MAN is currently in post-production and will begin making the film festival rounds later this year.

Below the clip you can see a new poster for the film with art by Shane Douberly.

Cry for the Bad Man

Source: Arrow in the Head

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