Exclusive: Check out the motion poster (and regular poster) from Total Recall!

Total Recall Motion Poster slice

Yesterday we bore witness to hints of the awesomeness that seems set to arrive this Sunday in the form of a full trailer for TOTAL RECALL, and you can be sure that we’ll have the trailer here as soon as it becomes available. But before that day comes, we at JoBlo.com have our own small gift of awesomeness for you in the form of this completely exclusive motion poster for the film (you can watch it in FULLSCREEN) as well as the first one-sheet below that!

Eye-catching, right? Which I say is a very good thing indeed, considering that’s exactly what a motion poster is meant to do. You can recall all the reasons why you love Colin Farrell and solid science fiction tales on August 3rd.  Be there.  I know most definitely I will. Oh and here’s the main poster…

Total Recall Poster

Source: JoBlo.com

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