Exclusive Clip! An actress tries to escape a pandemic in Before the Fire

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

Dark Sky Films has given director Charlie Buhler's pandemic thriller BEFORE THE FIRE a virtual cinema and VOD/Digital HD release, and today we're proud to share an EXCLUSIVE clip from the movie. In the video embedded above, the characters Ava (Jenna Lyng Adams) and Kelly (Jackson Davis) talk about their plans to escape the pandemic. 

Adams also wrote the film, which follows 

Ava Boone, a Hollywood actress whose rising career is cut short when a pandemic influenza sends her back to the small town she fled years before, only to find something more dangerous than any virus waiting for her. Instead of shelter, her South Dakota hometown brings her face to face with unforeseen peril.

Adams and Davis are joined in the cast by Ryan Vigilant and Charles Hubbell.

BEFORE THE FIRE is described as "a shockingly timely tale of the strength of the human spirit against seemingly insurmountable odds" and is said to be "brimming with tension and paranoia".

That all sounds good to me. I'll be watching BEFORE THE FIRE soon, check out the clip above and see if you'd like to watch it as well.

Before the Fire

Source: Arrow in the Head

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