Exclusive clip from anthology film Portals finds horror in a parking garage

Last Updated on July 30, 2021


Our friends over at Bloody Disgusting have made a new horror anthology in the tradition of their previous films SOUTHBOUND and the V/H/S trilogy. This one is called PORTALS, and three filmmakers who worked on V/H/S/2 – Eduardo Sanchez, Gregg Hale, and Timo Tjahjanto – were brought back to helm segments of this one, along with BEYOND SKYLINE's Liam O'Donnell.

PORTALS deals with 

a series of worldwide blackouts — after which millions of mysterious cosmic anomalies appear everywhere across the planet. While many flee from the sentient objects, some people are drawn toward — and into — them with horrifying consequences.

Chris White is the creator of the concept and produced the film with J.D. Lifshitz and Raphael Margules of BoulderLight Pictures and Alyssa and Griffin Devine of Pigrat Productions. The cast includes Neil Hopkins, Deanna Russo, Gretchen Lodge, Natacha Gott, Phet Mahathongdy, Ptolemy Slocum, and Salvita Decorte.

Screen Media will be giving PORTALS a VOD and limited theatrical release on October 25th, and in anticipation of the release we're proud to share an EXCLUSIVE clip from the film.

This clip introduces us to a couple women who look like they've been through a rough time. Now they're stuck in a parking garage with someone who is acting very strangely… It's an intriguing and creepy 75 seconds. The clip can be seen below, and is followed by the trailer.

To see more PORTALS another exclusive today, head over to Bloody-Disgusting.com.


Source: Arrow in the Head

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