Exclusive It Came from the Desert clip tells us to shut up & run

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

One of the upcoming movies that I really want to check out as soon as possible is co-writer/director Marko Mäkilaakso’s creature feature IT CAME FROM THE DESERT. The film is a sequel to a 1989 video game that was itself a throwback to the creature features of the 1950s. And today we have an exclusive clip from the film called “Shut Up & Run”

The clip features the film’s hero explaining to a group of moody teenagers that a housefly running into a spider’s web is the equivalent of an F-16 running into one of relative size at Mach 1. Interesting. He then goes on to speak about how they combined alien-ant DNA with tarantula DNA “to save lives.” And from there the clip… Well, let’s just say it earns its title.

You can check out the exclusive clip below from the film which is described as:

A pulpy, action monster movie inspired by Cinemaware’s cult classic 1980s video game “It Came from the Desert.” A nostalgic tribute to creature features, It Came From The Desert features rival motocross heroes and heroines, kegger parties in the desert, secret underground military bases, romantic insecurities…and of course, giant ants! 

The film is based on a screenplay written by Makilaakso, Hank Woon, and Trent Haaga and stars Mark Arnold, Harry Lister Smith, Alex Mills, and Vanessa Grasse. It’s produced by Teemu Virta, Bob Portal, and Inderpal Singh. You’ll be able to catch the film soon as it is all set to stomp our way May 29th; head over HERE for more info and to pre-order.

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