Exclusive Cool Video: Top 10 Craziest Nicolas Cage Moments!

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

With a long and varied career, Nicolas Cage has given us a number of memorable performances, even taking home an Oscar for one of them. However, what comes to mind most often when referencing Nic Cage is the absolute batshit craziness that can spew from him at the turn of a dime. He can go from zero to nutso in a second and it almost always results in either intentional or unintentional hilarity – sometimes only Cage knows the truth. Be it spewing some tough guy lines usually reserved for old-school action stars or tearing it up in an arthouse/indie, Cage is known for his rage and today we're celebrating ten of the best and craziest moments from his filmography. Agree or disagree on the choices presented here is of little matter; once you hit play you'll find yourself in the streets of Cagetown and there's no escape.


Cage can currently be seeing "Cagin'" it up in DYING OF THE LIGHT (our review here)

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