Exclusive: Eerie clip from crime thriller Uncle John starring John Ashton

There’s something eerie and enthralling about small town murder mystery pics and UNCLE JOHN looks to be safely in that wheelhouse. Starring John Ashton (best known as Taggart in the BEVERLY HILLS COP films), the atmospheric indie follows two parallel storylines that converge on the death of one individual, ratcheting up the tension as the truth comes closer to the light. Today, we have a really cool clip that shows off the look and feel of the film, giving it an eerie and foreboding touch that is sure to entice fans of the genre.

“Hell Fire!”

Here’s the synopsis:

Dutch, a small town bully turned born again Christian, has gone missing. John, a loved and well-respected member of the community, is not a suspect, but has everything to do with it. Rumors and theories about Dutch’s fate are main topics of discussion all around town. Dutch’s younger brother, Danny, who shares the family’s bad reputation, has his own theory about the mystery and it centers on John. Meanwhile, John’s nephew, Ben, leads a life replete with snarky jokes and gourmet coffee as a hip Chicago motion graphics designer. His confused and budding relationship with his coworker, Kate, eventually leads them on an impromptu adventure north to see the town he grew up in. They arrive just as John struggles to navigate the increasing threats and pressure from Danny’s suspicions.

I love small, dark, and intimate indies like this. It brings to mind the Jennifer Lawrence flick WINTER’S BONE or Jeremy Saulnier‘s outstanding BLUE RUIN, amongst many others of the like. And, shit, I can’t deny my affinity for Ashton, who I’m just happy to see in another project, even if he’s not dodging wisecracks from Eddie Murphy and Judge Reinhold. Here’s to hoping for another hidden indie gem.

UNCLE JOHN opens in NY & LA and on digital platforms on September 18th.

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