Exclusive look at Ash’s childhood bedroom in Ash Vs Evil Dead season 2!

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

We’re always happy to support Ash vs. Evil Dead around here, and if we can do so with an exclusive, even better. And here’s an exclusive that’s pretty unusual. This is your first look at Ash’s childhood bedroom, which will be featured plenty in the upcoming second season of the hit Starz show. If you wanted to know what Ash was like as a young man, well, this is your chance!

In case you were unaware, the sophomore season sees Ash (Bruce Campbell) returning to his home town of Elk’s Grove to battle an unspeakable evil that is lured him there. (Check out our review of the first episode HERE.) While visiting his former home, Ash runs into his dad (Lee Majors), as well as a bevy of one-time cohorts and enemies. So it goes that we’ll be seeing Ash return to his old bedroom, which is what we’re showing you here!

To help add a little more detail, we’ve got some quotes from production designer Nick Bassett:

Ash’s bedroom is a time capsule. It’s a little piece of the 70’s and 80’s nostalgia or a very focused trip down Michigan memory lane. In many ways it’s tones are similar to his trailer, it felt right that they would have a familiar feel. Historic Michigan rock posters featuring artists Ash would listen to: Alice Cooper and Iggy pop. Michigan sports memorabilia and photos of Bruce [Campbell] as a child. We figured that before the incident at the cabin, his character was a pretty normal, everyday kind of guy and we wanted to put some quite typical things in there like Faygo posters, Michigan State memorabilia and a cello which is slightly out of character now, but once upon a time who knows.

Bassett adds that the three EVIL DEAD principals – Campbell, Sam Raimi and producer Rob Tapert – all contributed ideas to what Ash’s bedroom should look like, so consider this a real labor of love. Which Ash Vs. Evil Dead really is from start to finish.

The show returns to Starz on October 2nd.

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