Exclusive: Timeline for Star Wars films through episode IX and more on the spin-offs and new animated series!

SPOILER WARNING. Although, I’d hardly call this spoilery, you just never know these days. Some people consider the title of a movie a spoiler, so there you have it. However, most of this information has been out there for a while, so this is more of a confirmation of it. If you clicked on this story, then it’s likely you want to be here. So, let’s get to it.

A trusted and reliable source has passed on some information about the continuation of the STAR WARS franchise, starting with STAR WARS: EPISODE VII, including the projected timeline of the new trilogy and spinoffs up to 2019 and clarifies who the characters will be in the first few “solo” films. In addition, we have a little bit of info on the upcoming animated series, STAR WARS: REBELS.

First up, the timeline. I made a nifty little graphic to highlight it below, which shows the proposed release schedule of the next trilogy, as well as the spin-off films, which basically alternate each year. Disney previously announced the plan to do this, so this is more of a reiteration that it's still on the books. No word on where they’ll go after this first wave is complete, but this should keep us all occupied for the next six years at least.

Next, our source indicated that the first two STAR WARS spin-off films would, in fact, be for Han Solo and Boba Fett, respectively (as previously rumored). The Solo film will focus on Han and Chewy’s relationship, potentially on how they met and became partners on the Millennium Falcon. No details on the Boba Fett film, but my hope is to see his escape from the Sarlac Pit and subsequent journey afterwards. Apparently, the planned Yoda solo film was pulled as there is a plan to do a Lego animated show of some sort with the character.

Lastly, there are some more details on the upcoming STAR WARS: REBELS cartoon series, directed by Dave Filoni, on Disney XD. The series will feature new characters with appearances from established ones in the original trilogy and will focus on how the rebel alliance was formed to take on the Galactic Empire.  The show is expected to debut next summer.

All in all, some cool bits of info. I’m glad they’ve dropped the Yoda film, as I think Han/Chewy and Boba Fett are far more interesting characters to explore and also allows a less “Jedi-centric” focus on the spinoffs, as that will likely be a huge part of the new trilogy.

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Source: JoBlo.com

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