Disney confirms Summer 2015 release for Episode VII, plus a new Star Wars movie every year thereafter!

Disney took to CinemaCon today to formally confirm that STAR WARS: EPISODE VII is on track for a Summer 2015 release as they originally announced last year. But, that is not all the news. On top of getting a new trilogy of films, Disney and Lucasfilm are planning to release a brand new STAR WARS movie every summer for the foreseeable future. Holy sh*t!

According to Coming Soon, the plan is for STAR WARS: EPISODE VII to kick things off in 2015 followed by a standalone film in 2016. From there, the films will alternate between numbered episode films and standalone movies. This will mean that Disney will be focusing almost entirely on Marvel and STAR WARS from here on out.

I can already sense both factions of fans out there reacting to this news. Some of you are thinking the more STAR WARS the better while the other half of you are cursing Disney for running the franchise into the ground. I am focusing on the positive here. This means that all of the debate over whether or not one director or writer will handle a film is moot. Now, everyone from Zack Snyder to Ben Affleck to David Fincher and beyond can direct a STAR WARS movie.

But, to be fair, expecting a new STAR WARS every year may not be entirely good planning. Disney just recently closed down LucasArts and layed off a large number of employees. Are they in a financial place to take on something this elaborate? My senses tell me that after paying $4 billion for the rights to George Lucas' universe, they need to be this ambitious to guarantee a return on their investment. I just hope they go forward with quality in mind, not just quantity.

Anyone else excited to be getting ten new STAR WARS movies over the next ten years?

Source: Coming Soon



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