Exclusive: Volumes of Blood 2 finds distribution, plus producer talks part 3

Last Updated on July 31, 2021

I am a big fan of the horror anthology VOLUMES OF BLOOD. Shot almost entirely inside one library, the first flick is fast, fun, funny, and boasts a few top-notch meta-twists that will have you chuckling from ear to ear. That said, you can imagine how excited I was when word came around the film was getting a sequel, titled VOLUMES OF BLOOD: HORROR STORIES.

Now, not to brag or anything, but I have seen VOB:HS and I can tell you; if you dug the first film, you will really f*cking enjoy the flick's sequel.

Up until now the film was a bit hard to find. I mean, sure, that makes sense as the film just made its way off the festival circuit, but, no worries, all of that changed today with the announcement the anthology sequel will be released via Petri Enterttainment (THE FUNHOUSE MASSACRE).

Here is the official statement:

Petri Entertainment, the company behind The Funhouse Massacre, has secured the distribution rights for Blood Moon Pictures horror anthology Volumes of Blood: Horror Stories. It will be released under their newly unveiled genre label Dark Cuts in Summer 2017. Petri Entertainment and the producers behind VOBHS will be set up at HorrorHound Weekend on March 17th-19th. More details coming soon.

And here's a quote for producer P.J. Starks:

"We couldn't be more excited to be partnering with Petri Entertainment to bring our latest film to the horror masses. Andy and Warner are passionate film makers who have a true love for the genre, so it couldn't be a more perfect fit as the new home for VOBHS."

Truth be told, I was so excited by this news that I reached out to producer P.J. Starks myself, and just had to ask him: Are there any plans for a VOLUMES OF BLOOD 3? 

Here is his EXCLUSIVE response:

"Eric and I would love to do a third VOB. I've come up with a concept that can be a stand alone entry, but also manages to tie the previous two installments into an overall story. We'd see the return of The Face and we'll have more copious amounts of blood shed and mayhem that involves more slashers and I plan to bring werewolves into the fold. It's going to be a fun movie. We probably won't start production on that until 2018. For now we have a spin off for The Harvester that we'd like to do from a script I wrote called Flesh for the Harvest as well as a brand new potential anthology that will bring together some of the best and most creative indie horror film makers out there right now."

Count me in. Whether for VOLUMES OF BLOOD 3, or THE HARVESTER, I am there. Now I suggest that, if you are also a fan of fun, gory-as-hell horror anthologies, you check out VOLUMES OF BLOOD today. And keep checking back with us here at AITH for more news on VOB2:HS release date and spin-off/sequel news.

Until then you can check out our reviews of VOLUMES OF BLOOD HERE.


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