Exclusive: Wu Jing turns a store into a battleground in Wolf Warrior 2 clip

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

Have you ever imagined what you would do if robbers came in and held up the convenience store you were shopping in? There you are, just trying to buy some Cool Ranch Doritos and a hot dog that has been on that rotating warmer for WAY too long, and all of a sudden some punks come in trying to start some shizz. Cowering in fear behind the magazine stand would be the most common response, but at some point, the vision of you showing off some sweet roundhouse kicks to the head sweeps across the mind. No matter how cool you think you’ll look, there’s no way you’re more badass than action star Wu Jing taking it to a whole store of fools in this exclusive clip for WOLF WARRIOR 2. He kicks, shoots, and knocks down whole rows of Lays potato chips. You know the rule: Once it hits the floor as a result of martial arts action, it’s up for grabs.

The film also stars Crossbones himself, Frank Grillo, and features plenty more feats of awesomeness. If your attempt at heroic acts isn’t going to look just as cool as the one you just saw, then there’s no point in even trying. The rewards for a good deed don’t even begin to make up for the embarrassment you’ll bring yourself.

WOLF WARRIOR 2 is in theaters now.

Source: JoBlo, China Film Group

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