Face/Off sequel: Cage, Travolta involvement teased by director

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

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It was revealed last month that Paramount Pictures had tapped Godzilla vs. Kong director Adam Wingard with helming a reboot of the John Woo action classic, Face/Off, but Wingard was quick to correct those reports by saying that the project will actually be a sequel. "I would NEVER re-imagine or remake FACE/OFF," Wingard wrote on Instagram. "It’s a perfect action movie. Simon Barrett and I are writing a direct SEQUEL!"

Our own JimmyO spoke with Adam Wingard about Godzilla vs Kong today, and he naturally had to ask him about whether the Face/Off sequel would bring back Nicolas Cage and John Travolta. Wingard obviously wouldn't spill any beans at this point, but as he seems to want to continue the story of Sean Archer and Castor Troy, I'd be very surprised if Travolta and Cage weren't involved in some way.

Well, it's a bit early to say specifically about that. But what I will say is that the Face/Off story, it's not about a surgery, you know what I mean? It's not about the operation of switching somebody's face. That's just part of it, know what I mean? That's what makes it kind of fun. But what Face/Off is, it's the story of Sean Archer and Castor Troy and that's what we're continuing. We're saying that we're continuing that story twenty years later, you know, putting it in modern-day, a little over twenty years. And that's all I can say right now because nobody has been talked to necessarily, none of the actors. There's been lots of rumors and stuff. Are John Travolta and Nicolas Cage aware of this? Maybe!? You know!? But that's all I can say.

The original 1997 film starred John Travolta as Sean Archer, an FBI agent obsessed with catching Castor Troy, a homicidal sociopath played by Nicolas Cage. When Troy is knocked into a coma shortly after revealing that a bomb is set to go off somewhere in the city, Archer takes the obvious route of having Troy's face surgically transplanted onto him so that he can learn the bomb's location, but Troy later comes out of that coma and forces the doctors to place Archer's face on him. So you've got Nicolas Cage playing John Travolta and John Travolta playing Nicolas Cage, which is absolutely amazing. Adam Wingard's Godzilla vs. Kong will hit theaters and HBO Max on March 31st.

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