Fallout: Katie Cassidy, Devon Sawa, Kate Bosworth, Tyrese Gibson, Chris Backus star in survival thriller

Katie Cassidy, Devon Sawa, Kate Bosworth, Tyrese Gibson, and Chris Backus star in the survival thriller Fallout, directed by Cecil Chambers


Katie Cassidy (Arrow), Devon Sawa (Idle Hands), Kate Bosworth (Blue Crush), Tyrese Gibson (Morbius), and Chris Backus (Mindhunter) lead the cast of the survival thriller Fallout, which recently wrapped production in New Jersey. The movie was directed by Cecil Chambers (Due Season), who also crafted the screenplay with Michael Miceli (The Bounty Hunter).

Fallout tells the story of, yes, “the fallout” when a nuclear threat forces six people into a malfunctioning underground bunker. Tensions soon rise as they fight to stay alive. With oxygen and the trust in each other quickly running out, they learn that a more sinister plan is afoot. It’s interesting to see that the story involves six people being trapped in one location, but only the names of five actors have been announced. Who is the sixth person in that bunker?

Chambers financed and produced the film through his company Triumphant Entertainment, along with Miceli, Tyler Jon Olson, and Michael Benaroya of Benaroya Pictures. Saleem Elmasri, John Marques, Waynard Schmidt, and Andrea Bucko serve as executive producers.

Benaroya’s company International Film Trust is handling the worldwide distribution sales. Benaroya provided Deadline with the following statement: “Fallout’s tense, urgent script is what first attracted us to this project, and the cast that has joined the film really speaks to this. We’re excited to work with this strong ensemble that will resonate with distributors worldwide.

Fallout has an intriguing enough set-up, and I’m definitely interested in seeing these five actors (and the mysterious sixth participant) bounce off of each other in a confined space. From Night of the Living Dead to Reservoir Dogs, I have enjoyed several movies that have been about people trapped together during a tense time.

Are you interested in Fallout? What do you think of the cast Chambers assembled for the film? Share your thoughts on this one by leaving a comment below.

Chambers got started in the entertainment industry by producing the 2008 and 2009 Cut’n It Up stand-up comedy specials. Most of his credits have come as a producer, on such films as The Break-Up Artist, God’s Country, Desecrated, and AWOL-72.

Kate Bosworth

Source: Deadline

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