Famke Janssen and Michael Nyqvist know Every Good Boy Does Fine

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

Famke Janssen (TAKEN) and Michael Nyqvist (JOHN WICK) have joined the serial killer thriller EVERY GOOD BOY DOES FINE, which will mark the English language debut of Finnish filmmaker AJ Annila (JADE WARRIOR, SAUNA). Steve Buscemi is a producer on the project, as are Wren Arthur, Jana Edelbaum and Rachel Cohen.

Written by Jonathan Dees, EVERY GOOD BOY DOES FINE is a taut thriller about…

 a young boy named Brian, verging on adolescence, a little angry, and quite possibly a piano prodigy. But he hates practicing and playing, that is, until he meets music professor, Mr. Anderson. Elegant, sophisticated, brilliant, Mr. Anderson fixates on Brian and recognizes the untapped potential in the boy. He becomes Brian’s mentor and the father figure he needs. If only Brian didn’t increasingly suspect that Mr. Anderson is the serial killer that has been targeting musicians.  

Most music professors are quite boring, so you should be glad when you get a fun one like Mr. Anderson!

13 Films’ Tannaz Anisi is executive producing the thriller and representing international rights.  Slated to start shooting in July this year, Anisi will introduce the film to buyers at the Cannes Film Market.

Source: Arrow in the Head

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