Festival standout Mudbound gets a gripping new trailer

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

Some movies are lucky enough to be in the discussion for even a week, while giant blockbusters dominate the conversation all year long. But every year there a few select dramas that debut early in the year, and as the months go on continue to stay in people’s minds. Dee Rees' MUDBOUND is one of those movies, and it was the toast of Sundance earlier this year, being snatched up by Netflix. They slated the movie for a November release, and now a new trailer is here so you can get a taste of the movie that has set the festival circuit on fire.

Here is a plot synopsis:

Masterful filmmaker Dee Rees vividly captures the 1940s American South in the film MUDBOUND, based on the international bestselling novel by Hillary Jordan. The film, an adaptation co-written by Virgil Williams and Rees, is the timeless and timely story of two families – one black, one white – bound together by the farmland of the Mississippi Delta during the Jim Crow era.

I’ve been waiting to see this movie for some time, and I can’t wait to check it out when it hits Netflix. However, I hope it’s able to rise above the folly that comes with debuting on the service. Sure, everyone gets to see it whenever they want, but Netflix movies are often pushed to the bottom of the barrel after they come out in favor of whatever new series they’re debuting. Great movies (BEASTS OF NO NATION, FIRST THEY KILLED MY FATHER, etc.) end up being forgotten as preference-based line-ups and weekly additions push them further and further away. I have yet to see the movie myself, but if it’s as good as people are touting, I hope it’s able to rise above all the other binge-worthy offerings. 

MUDBOUND with Jason Mitchell, Garrett Hedlund, Carey Mulligan, Jonathan Banks, Mary J Blige, Jason Clarke and more hits Netflix November 17.

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