Filming has begun on Rolfe Kanefsky’s The Black Room

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

Rolfe Kanefsky first showed up on my radar when The Movie Channel aired his feature directorial debut, the very funny horror/comedy THERE'S NOTHING OUT THERE, late one night in the early '90s. I was so entertained by that movie, it was guaranteed that I would be following Kanefsky's career from that point on. Since then he has made some horror (THE HAZING, NIGHTMARE MAN), some comedy (PRETTY COOL), some Emmanuelle movies, and as it stands right now he has 21 directing credits to his name.

Yesterday, filming began on Kanefsky's 22nd film, a horror movie titled THE BLACK ROOM.

Written by Kanefsky, THE BLACK ROOM is 

a supernatural tale where evil takes on a sexy side. A married couple moving into their new home is faced with an entity that feeds off lust and desire, corrupting and/or killing everyone in its path as it plots a horrifying plan to destroy the world.

A goal of world destruction? The entity in this movie is aiming much higher than the evil spirits in haunted house movies usually do.

Kanefsky is said to be attempting to capture the vibe of being a throwback to classic films like ROSEMARY'S BABY, THE AMITYVILLE HORROR, THE LEGEND OF HELL HOUSE, and THE ENTITY.

He has assembled a very solid cast for this "scary, sexy journey into Hell". Natasha Henstridge, Lin Shaye, and Lukas Hassel take the lead, with the supporting cast including Augie Duke, James Duval, Dominique Swain, Elissa Dowling, Robert Donovan, Catherine Annette, Julia Lehman, Lauren Parkinson, Jill Evyn, Michael Reed, Rachel Riley, Nicholas Principe, and Kanefsky's frequent collaborator Tiffany Shepis (pictured above in NIGHTMARE MAN). Kanefsky also teases that "some surprise music legends" will be showing up.

THE BLACK ROOM is being produced by Esther Goodstein and Cleopatra Records.

It's Kanefsky, and that means I will be watching.

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