Final Destination writer to hop into Car 86, starring Reese Mishler

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

FINAL DESTINATION writer Jeffrey Reddick is ready to get back on the horse and slice up some more pretty young people. Reddick is taking on the role of executive producer for CAR 86, which will star THE GALLOWS' Reese Mishler, Paul Woolfolk (JOYFUL NOISE), and newbie Sarah Davenport. The script is written by first-time feature writer Gregory Ballard.

Says Reddick: "This script is a rare mix of strong characters, sci-fi, horror and suspense, and when I read it I had to come on and help make it happen. We assembled an amazing team in front of, and behind, the camera. I really believe in the director, who has such a clear and unique vision. I’m thrilled to see this story come to life, and be a part of Ben’s feature directorial debut.”

CAR 86 centers on three recent college graduates, Steve, Jeremy, and Emma, who drifted apart after high school, but reunite to go on a ride along with a cocky police officer. But what should be a routine traffic stop, takes a shockingly violent turn and the reunited trio unearth a secret that could doom mankind forever.

So, it's basically a horror version of Kevin Hart's RIDE ALONG, though with less disastrous consequences.

CAR 86 will begin shooting on October 29th in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Source: Bloody Disgusting

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