Willem Dafoe will haunt your dreams in first Death Note trailer

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

What if you had the power to have anyone on the planet killed? Would you use it for good, taking out the people who make life hell, or would you see yourself becoming a monster with highlights in your hair?  DEATH NOTE – the newest American remake of an anime classic – will confront viewers with that very scenario, and the first trailer makes the proceedings all the more terrifying with Willem Dafoe in the background. You may be wondering if I meant to write “Willem Dafoe playing a character,” and to that I say no…no I did not.

Watch the first trailer below!

I haven’t seen the original anime version, but I see a lot of t-shirts, hoodies and chain wallets featuring it when I pass by Hot Topic in the mall, so it must be a big deal. This live-action version looks suitably heavy, and far creepier and atmospheric than scary thanks to the presence of Willem Dafoe as himself – er – I mean the demon Ryuk. I enjoy the work of Adam Wingard, so popping this on when it comes this August will be on my to-do list for sure. If Dafoe wasn't already haunting my dreams, he sure will be.

DEATH NOTE hits Netflix August 25.

Source: Netflix

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