Our JoBlo Games Show podcast launches tonight live on Twitch!

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

Ladies and gentlemen, gamers of all ages, the time has come for JoBlo to introduce another feature to our JoBlo Games Twitch channelLater this evening, at 9:30 EST, we are set to launch the inaugural episode of our brand-new JoBlo Games Show podcast! Hosted by JoBlo's own Bobby Shortle, and co-hosted by JoBlo's Steve Seigh and Monthly Reset alum Justin Townsend, the JoBlo Games Show is a monthly podcast-style video show where we'll be talking up the hottest games of today as well as many of our favorite titles from yesteryear.

For our August episode, the JoBlo Games crew will be talking about their favorite gaming titles of 2019 so far, in addition to some "get to know you" topics that will help you snuggle a little closer to our team. Want to hear about some of our favorite games of all time? Would you like a guided tour of our gaming console and PC setups? Want to talk about movies? All that and more is happening on tonight's show, and we're super pumped for you to check it out!

The first episode of the JoBlo Games Show will go live tonight on our JoBlo Games Twitch channel at 9:30 EST. And hey, if for some reason you're not available at that exact time, the show will later be made available via our JoBlo Gaming Youtube channel, where we post trailers, recorded live streams, and all manner of games-related shenanigans.

We hope to see you on the live stream later this evening. Game on!

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