First look at Rootwood, starring Elissa Dowling and Felissa Rose

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

Rootwood Marcel Walz Elissa Dowling

Having recently directed a remake of the H.G. Lewis gore classic BLOOD FEAST, filmmaker Marcel Walz has now moved on to another genre project, ROOTWOOD, which is said to combine "the aesthetics of ghost films and the intensity of monster movies to create a unique horror experience with surprising twists and turns."

Written by Mario Von Czapiewski, the film stars Elissa Dowling, Felissa Rose, Tyler Gallant, Sarah French, Brandon Rhea, and Tiffani Fest. The story follows 

students Jessica (Dowling) and William (Gallant), hosts of “The Spooky Hour”, a podcast about paranormal phenomena and urban legends. When they are hired by Hollywood film producer Laura Benott (Rose) to produce a horror documentary about the Curse of the Wooden Devil, they smell a chance to become famous. Together with their friend Erin (French) they enter Rootwood Forest and investigate the area to find out the truth about the Wooden Devil and his victims.

Included in this article are a batch of first look images, along with the film's poster. Below you'll also find the trailer, which made its premiere on Bloody-Disgusting. Judging by everything we see here, this looks to me like it's going to be a fun creature feature.

A release date for ROOTWOOD has not yet been announced, but we'll keep you updated on its progress.

Source: Arrow in the Head, Bloody-Disgusting

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