First Woodland Grey production stills. Jenny Raven and Ryan Blakely at work!

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

Adam Reider's WOODLAND GREY, is presently shooting and we have the first production stills from the film for you. Check them out within this story! Woodland Grey is an an elevated horror film produced by Franky Films (Producers Francesco Giannini and Tamara Dupuis) and Arrow in the Head founder John Fallon.

Written by Reider and Jesse Toufexis, the flick stars Jenny Raven (Flatliners), Ryan Blakely  (Orphan Black) and screen Icon Art Hindle (Black Christmas). The film is about:

When an older man living alone in the woods saves the life of a young woman, they are forced to coexist. Chaos ensues when the woman makes a terrifying discovery in the woods behind the man's home and unleashes something truly haunting.

You can keep track of WOODLAND GREY on the project's social media accounts at Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Source: AITH

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