Five more join Kevin Bacon in the Tremors mini-series cast

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

Final Destination 5 PJ Byrne

The population of the small town of Perfection, Nevada just increased substantially with the addition of five new cast members to the Syfy/Blumhouse Tremors mini-series that will see Kevin Bacon returning to the franchise for the first time since the original TREMORS film in 1990.

Bacon is reprising the role of Valentine McKee in the series, which is set 

25 years after he defeated the Graboids, and the man who once seemed destined for greatness is anything but. He’s a small-town hero whose glory days faded away with the monsters he braved and whose family moved on when he couldn’t let go of the past.

And yet McKee’s hoping that everything’s about to change. His grown daughter coming to visit on the heels of her graduation could signal a permanent homecoming. But no sooner than she arrives, strange and terrifying events make it clear the town is in danger.

Led by McKee, the gang from Perfection begins to uncover the spine-chilling truth of what’s hunting them. With the future looking darker than ever, these small-town heroes must shake off the dust of years to see what they’re made of.

Previously announced co-stars include Emily Tremaine as Val's daughter Emily; John Ellison Conlee as Val's sci-fi loving, yoga-practicing best friend Harlan Maylor; Megan Ketch as returning character Mindy Sterngood, now a doctor who is also "an unanticipated threat"; Shiloh Fernandez as Nico Garza, who works in Earl's Graboid Waste Gobbling company; and Toks Olagundoye as Jessica Florence, a city-chic civil engineer who has come to Perfection with plans to expand the access road.

Now added to the cast list are P.J. Byrne, Hunter Parrish, Ebonée Noel, Brandon Jay McLaren, and Haley Tju.

Parrish's character is Arthur Brandt, "a young, magnetic leader of the pot-growing, earth-worshipping tribe of Millenials who've moved to Perfection to soak in its unique spiritual energy." Noel will be playing Zoe, "a truth-seeker possessed with deep, sensual intuition and mystic power, Zoe's connection to Mother Earth is aided by Perfection's unique energy and provides her with visions of events to come." McLaren is Toby, "a likeable guy who nobody likes; he's the public liaison to a data storage company in Perfection that failed to create any local jobs. He's hanging around to facilitate the company's transition from staffed to unmanned operation." Tju is Jai, "a dirt-biking drug smuggler and Perfection's resident badass."

Byrne (pictured above in FINAL DESTINATION 5) will be taking over the role of Melvin Plug from Robert Jayne, who first played the character as an annoying teenager in the original TREMORS. Jayne returned to play Melvin as an annoying adult in TREMORS 3: BACK TO PERFECTION and a couple episodes of the 2003 Tremors TV show. Nothing against Byrne, but the fact that the role is being recast for some reason does bother me.

Byrne's version of the character is a "real estate developer obsessed with reinventing Perfection, all fueled by jealousy he holds for Valentine McKee." Aside from the part about him being jealous of Val, that description matches the way the adult Melvin was presented in TREMORS 3 and the TV show, so there's still a chance that this mini-series could be in continuity with the Tremors stories Bacon wasn't around for.

I don't know why Jayne isn't being brought back for the mini-series, but one thing seems certain: with elements like Mindy being a threat, a character being psychic, and Millenials absorbing a location's spiritual energy, this mini-series is going to be showing us a Perfection that's weirder than ever.

Source: Deadline

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