Fletch reboot moves from WB to Relativity with Jason Sudeikis in lead role

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

It has been a year since we heard Warner Bros was looking to cast Jason Sudeikis in the reboot of FLETCH. Now, the news still has the HORRIBLE BOSSES star taking over the Chevy Chase role but now at a different studio. The Hollywood Reporter reports that Relativity Media is trying to obtain the rights to the FLETCH novels with an eye to film the new movie.

This is the latest in a long line of attempts to make a sequel or remake to FLETCH. The most popular version was going to be called FLETCH WON with Kevin Smith directing Jason Lee. That never came to fruition, so this version may not either. FLETCH has a large fan-base and a very disappointing sequel. At this point, the remake is far enough removed that it could happen without an entire generation knowing about the original movies.

Relativity is headed by Tucker Tooley who produced Sudeikis in WE’RE THE MILLERS, so they have an existing relationship that could help get this project going. I like Sudeikis as an actor and he could make the role his own as the plan is to adapt the first book in the eleven novel series rather than remake the Chevy Chase film. Here’s hoping this one lands a decent screenwriter and director.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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