Flight of the Conchords: Rhys Darby teases a potential reunion of New Zealand’s comedic musical duo

Our Flag Means Death and Relax, I’m From the Future actor Rhys Darby says a Flight of the Conchords reunion could happen!

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Dig your business socks out from the back of your dresser drawer because it might be business time before you know it! Rhys Darby (Next Goal WinsRelax, I’m From the FutureOur Flag Means Death) recently spoke with Deadline at the Creative Arts Emmys and informed the outlet that a Flight of the Conchords reunion could be on the horizon. Flight of the Conchords is a comedic musical duo out of New Zealand featuring Jemaine Clement and Bret McKenzie. Flight of the Conchords is also the name of the band’s HBO series that launched in 2007 and ran for two seasons before getting canceled. Darby plays the band’s manager, Murray Hewitt, in the show, and now there are rumblings of getting the band back together.

“We’re always discussing the sort of things we’d like to do in the future and looking back at the classic things we’ve done,” Darby told Deadline on Saturday. “There will come a time when the world really, really needs [the reunion] and we will suddenly appear.”

Now feels like a good time for Flight of the Conchords to return. The band’s music is often hilarious, sensual, cheeky, light-hearted, and groovy. Think Tenacious D but from New Zealand and with less profanity.

“We’re always discussing the sort of things we’d like to do in the future and looking back at the classic things we’ve done,” Darby says about a potential reunion with Clement and McKenzie.

In addition to talking about a Flight of the Conchords reunion, Darby says he’d embrace the full moon to reprise his role as Anton the werewolf (not swearwolf) from What We Do in the Shadows for the show’s forthcoming series finale.

“I would love to, of course. I am the ultimate werewolf Anton, leader of the pack,” Darby howled. “My character is in New Zealand so they have to have some sort of storyline to get me there but I’m always up for anything as long as it’s funny and people get something out of it.”

Yes! Please! I beg of you! Bring Flight of the Conchords back! I need the Hiphopopotamus and Rhymenoceros to spit bars and Clement to sniff out the most beautiful girl in the room! Jovial comedy is in short supply, and Flight of the Conchords knows how to tickle the funny bone with melody and charm. Let’s make it happen, Universe!

Are you down for a Flight of the Conchords reunion? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Deadline

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