Ford V Ferrari set to drive away with $50 million opening weekend

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

It's been a rough month or so for new films at the box office. GEMINI MAN, MALEFICENT: MISTRESS OF EVIL, TERMINATOR: DARK FATE, and DOCTOR SLEEP have all severely underperformed. In fact you really have to go back to JOKER's opening weekend in early October for the last time a new film opened strongly. However, that all looks to change with the release of two major films this weekend, CHARLIE'S ANGELS and FORD V FERRARI.

If early estimates are any indication it looks as though FORD V FERRARI is about to leave the competition in its dust. The Matt Damon Christian Bale two hander, based on events surrounding the 1966 Le Mans race, is set to make an estimated $50 million opening weekend. Director James Mangold's movie has been a hit with critics and audiences thus far sporting a 91% Rotten Tomatoes score. Joblo's own Chris Bumbray absolutely raved about the film when it debuted at TIFF earlier this year. You can check out his review right here.

As I said FORD V FERRARI's only other competition is the Kristen Stewart led CHARLIE'S ANGELS. Early estimates however aren't as promising for the women of the Towsend Agency. The film is set to make anywhere between $10 to $12 million which would be the lowest opening weekend of any film in the series. If I had my druthers I'd much rather see FORD V FERRARI this weekend. It just looks more compelling and with a cast and director like that how can you go wrong?

Both FORD V FERRARI and CHARLIE'S ANGELS open in theaters today.

Source: Deadline

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