Fox NOT Wonder Woman

While the idea of Megan Fox starring as Wonder Woman is an intriguing idea worthy of debate, it’s not happening. The rumors started last week when a site popped up online with the URL The conceit being that an image would slowly be revealed to a major announcement. That reveal and announcement came yesterday as said mysterious image was revealed to be an image of Megan Fox as Wonder Woman. While it’s an admirably done Photoshop of Fox in costume – and I can certainly appreciate the skills of the artist and the desire to see Megan Fox dressed as Diana, Princess of the Amazons – it’s a total fake. Relax yourself fanboys, the tattooed one will not be starring in WONDER WOMAN. A Warner Bros. rep (whose logo you see pasted to the bottom of this poster) confirmed the site and it’s contents are “complete BS.”

So Fox isn’t Wonder Woman but would she have made a good Wonder Woman? I’m inclined to believe that no; she’s too young, too skinny and too one-note as an actress to carry the film. Yet we still, as a fanboy nation have yet to come to a consensus as to who would make the best Wonder Woman on film. Please leave your suggestions below but beware, the first person to suggest Charisma Carpenter is getting smacked.


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