Foxcatcher Cinematographer will shoot Gareth Edwards’ Star Wars spinoff

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

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While there is understandably a lot of the hype surrounding director J.J. Abrams’ upcoming STAR WARS: EPISODE VII, there has not been much in the way of any news regarding the other Star Wars films being planned. Starting next year we will see a new Star Wars movie every year: after Episode VII there will be a standalone movie directed by Gareth Edwards (GODZILLA), then Rian Johnson’s (LOOPER) EPISODE VIII, and then there will be another standalone movie this time directed by Josh Trank (CHRONICLE). Wow, when you look at it like that, you have to give it up to Lucasfilm and Disney for their decision to hire fresh faces and ideas.

Edwards will begin his Star Wars movie next year in London and has now hired the great cinematographer Greig Fraser. The man behind such great works like ZERO DARK THIRTY, LET ME IN, and more recently FOXCATCHER will bring his talents to a Star Wars movie – this just keeps getting better doesn’t it?

HitFix interviewed Fraser and couldn’t contain the excitement saying “And you’re doing a Star Wars movie!” Fraser replied:

And then I’m doing a f*cking “Star Wars” movie, which is like – I don’t know about you but “Star Wars” is like my first film love, do you know what I mean? … Gareth is doing a standalone film. Of course I do know some specifics, but it’s obviously something I’ve signed my kidneys away for.

What about details?

No. I can’t tell you what it’s about. I think I signed my left kidney to Disney and my right kidney to George Lucas. So I’d hate to be talking to you next time when I’m on dialysis.

Fraser also shot THE GAMBLER which gave us one of my favorite trailers of the year this week. It will be interesting to see his skill, which is not proven with big-budget movies (I try and ignore SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN when I can). Edwards' currently untitled Star Wars movie is currently slated for December 16, 2016.

What do you think of the choice?

Source: HitFix

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