Francis Ford Coppola pays tribute to Ridley Scott

As Francis Ford Coppola awaits a Napoleon screening, he has called for fellow director Ridley Scott to be given dukedom.

francis ford Coppola praises Ridley Scott

While there is generally some competition between directors — even those in their 80s — it’s still pretty cool when one from that generation praises another. And that’s just what Francis Ford Coppola has for Ridley Scott: endless praise, even saying knighthood just isn’t enough for Scott. This comes fresh off of Scott’s Napoleon posting strong-than-expected numbers over the holiday weekend, even outgrossing Disney’s much-hyped Wish.

Posting on Instagram (something we’ll never quite get used to), Coppola remembered when he first got wind of Ridley Scott and what his subsequent work means. “I first became aware of Ridley Scott with his film THE DUELLISTS. I was impressed, and realizing he was my contemporary began following his work, which was prodigious to say the least. One after the other, different styles, themes – all ambitious and never stopping, absolutely great films,” before citing everything from Alien to Black Hawk Down. He then called for a prestigious honor to be bestowed upon Ridley Scott. “I realize he has been knighted for his extraordinary work, but he should be given a Dukedom for such outstanding quality output.” Scott was knighted in 2003.

Perhaps surprisingly, Francis Ford Coppola and Ridley Scott haven’t really crossed paths much, except for when the latter apparently helped get rid of some sets from Coppola’s monumental 1982 flop One from the Heart. Coppola even praised the underappreciated Matchstick Men, noting the lead turn by his nephew Nicolas Cage.

Coppola concluded his post by showing astoundment for Scott’s consistent work and an eagerness to check out his latest. “Sir Ridley is actually a couple of years older than me, yet his amazing productivity remains with films like THE LAST DUEL and an upcoming sequel to GLADIATOR. There have been rare artists who astounded everyone with their best work while in their eighties, like Giuseppe Verdi, but we must take our hats off to Ridley. I am excited to see his new film in IMAX, NAPOLEON, and have no doubt it is spectacular!”

Ridley Scott is certainly harder to get positive quotes from so it would be nice to hear him show some excitement for Coppola’s passion project Megalopolis when it is released…

Coppola and Scott have had a number of films released in the same year but none will ever top 1979’s Apocalypse Now and Alien, which arrived one week after Coppola’s Vietnam epic premiered at Cannes, going on to win the Palme d’Or.

If you could only keep the filmography of either Coppola or Scott, who would you choose? What is each director’s crowning achievement?

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