Review Date:
Director: Gregory Hoblit
Writer: Toby Emmerich
Producers: G. Hoblit, B. Carraro, T. Emmerich, H. Koch
Dennis Quaid
Jim Caviezel
Now pay very close attention. A thirty-something year old man living in 1999, is able to contact his own father in 1966 via a ham radio and some freaky astronomical event which allows for this unbelievable circumstance to take place. But that’s only half the story. As the two men come to terms with this reality and get to know one another better, they quickly realize that anything they say or alter due to their conversations, will ultimately change the future and their own fates therein.
Pretty gosh darn original! This film delivers on all fronts: solid acting, a well-told and surprisingly believable story despite its fantastic premise, some cool special effects, an emotional tug and plenty of thrills. Hollywood should be proud of this release, a film which actually expects audiences to use their brains and invest much of their attention, in order to fully appreciate the film’s intriguing story line. This movie makes you think, think some more, and ultimately entertains while engaging the viewer with non-stop brain-candy. Dennis Quaid succeeds in his part despite the goofy accent, Jim Caviezel is rock-solid and definitely slated for bigger and better things, and even the secondary characters, such as Andre Braugher and Elizabeth Mitchell, deliver appropriately believable performances. Will some people get confused with this movie? Sure. This film does flip-flop somewhat between the different time lines, but unlike BACK TO THE FUTURE 2, which also had a vaguely similar theme, this one presents you with all the needed clues and explanations in order for you to keep up to date…that is, if you’re paying attention.

Having said that, the film actually begins on quite the slow note, with many of the characters and situations gradually being presented to us with a basic amount of “suspension of disbelief” needed to enjoy the rest of the film. But once the initial premise is solidified and made to be very credible, the movie turns into a very funky mystery murder thriller. Events from the past alter those in the future, father and son work together to solve a crime, despite living in different periods of time, and the movie ultimately takes off in the second half, when all the ideal elements of a thriller are successfully played out. The film’s final 15 minutes are probably its finest, with plenty of tension, creative license and surprising turns to certify this film an original. Of course, if you’re looking for your everyday run-of-the-mill thriller, than you might just be disappointed with this film’s prerequisite for intellectual participation. But for anyone else who likes thinking at the movies, enjoys watching good actors handle great material, and has been looking forward to seeing an original film break out of the early 2000 pack, wait no further cause this movie is the one for you!

One of the things that I liked the most about this film was how its aura seemed to remind me a lot of THE SIXTH SENSE. Despite not having much in common thematically, it’s obvious that both filmmakers expect their audiences to pay attention during their presentations, and furnish them with a sorted premise ripe enough for repeat viewings. Of course, some might want to dig real deep in order to decipher the holes in plot, as did certain detractors of the former film, but from my own experience, the film had me …hook, line and sinker. No need to nit-pit here, folks…this film is a fun, intelligent thriller with a heart. Enjoy.

(c) 2021 Berge Garabedian