Full Moon: Demonic Toys spin-off and Piranha Women are part of 2021 line-up

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

A couple months ago, we shared the exclusive announcement that – in addition to the previously announced Lovecraft-inspired project Miskatonic U: The Resonator – Full Moon's 2021 film line-up will include the "sultry thriller" Cassex, the Puppet Master spin-off Doktor Death, and the Evil Bong spin-off The Gingerweed Man. Now the folks at Syfy Wire have learned about three more Full Moon movies we can expect to see this year.

In May, we'll be seeing the Rosemary's Baby-esque Don't Let Her In, from Subspecies writer/director Ted Nicolaou. The film begins when 

an attractive young couple, Ben and Amber, rent their spacious loft to an eccentric and beautiful artist named Serena. However, they soon live to regret that decision when their seductive new tenant invades their minds, their beds, and the very fabric of their lives. When Amber discovers that she's pregnant, she and Ben start to suspect that the fetus growing in her womb is not a human child, but something not of this world… something evil. Is Serena really an artist as she so claims, or is she actually on a maternal mission from Hell itself?

Puppet Master and Evil Bong aren't the only franchises getting spin-offs this year. The Demonic Toys franchise is part of this action as well, as Full Moon will be releasing Demonic Toys: Baby Oopsie in June. Written and directed by William Butler, Demonic Toys: Baby Oopsie has the following synopsis: 

In his first solo outing, the titular evil plaything unleashes a nasty and nightmarish wave of horror that's totally NSFD (Not Safe for Daycare)! It's also worth noting that the Demonic Toys IP predates the Annabelle films by a good two decades.

Coming in July is Piranha Women, written and directed by Lindsey Schmitz. That one follows  

"the world’s curviest thieves," who "become more than women… and less than human," according to the official synopsis. "Terror rides on high tides in this sexy and outrageous tale of science run amok that's even madder than 'Moreau' 

All three of these movies were safely shot during the pandemic. Promotional artwork for each of them can be seen below.

Full Moon has a busy year ahead of them, as they're planning to shoot two movies a month throughout 2021.

Don't Let Her InDemonic Toys: Baby OopsiePiranha Women

Source: Syfy Wire

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