Full Moon’s Coronaverse will expand with Barbie & Kendra Storm Area 51

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

Early in the pandemic, Full Moon saw a chance to start crafting a "Coronasploitation" series. Before the United States even went on lockdown, they were already working on a film called CORONA ZOMBIES, which introduced characters named Barbie (Cody Renee Cameron) and Kendra (Robin Sydney) in new footage that was mixed with stock footage from the 2012 Full Moon release ZOMBIES VS. STRIPPERS and dubbed clips from the 1980 Bruno Mattei film HELL OF THE LIVING DEAD.

Just one month after the release of CORONA ZOMBIES, a sequel was ready for release through the Full Moon Features channel and app. Titled BARBIE & KENDRA SAVE THE TIGER KING, that one cashed in on Netflix's quarantine time hit docu-series Tiger King and once again mixed Barbie and Kendra scenes with dubbed stock footage from an existing film; in this case, it was 1968's TERROR IN THE JUNGLE.

Now a few months have gone by without the release of another sequel, but that doesn't mean the Full Moon "Coronaverse" has come to an end. The company is now said to be "deep in post-production" on a "third (but not final!) Barbie & Kendra classic".

The third entry in the franchise is titled BARBIE & KENDRA STORM AREA 51, and it's described as a 

romp that takes the quarantined cuties into deep space where they face their deadliest enemies yet!

We have to assume that the film will largely consist of dubbed stock footage from an existing sci-fi film, but there's no word on what that movie may be. The title is a reference to a Facebook event from September of 2019, when millions of people expressed interest in raiding the United States Air Force's Area 51 facility "in a search for extraterrestrial life". When the date of the raid arrived, only 150 people showed up at Area 51, and none were able to enter the site. It sounds like Barbie and Kendra are actually going to find out what's happening at Area 51.

Images of Cameron, Sydney, and Full Moon founder Charles Band on the set of BARBIE & KENDRA STORM AREA 51 can be seen below.

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