G Tom Mac is developing a Lost Boys musical

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

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Developing stage musicals based on non-musical film properties seems to be a popular thing to do, but I'm almost always surprised when I hear about these things. I just don't expect some movies to get the musical treatment. Who saw a musical version of THE EVIL DEAD coming? Who would have guessed that the Roger Corman cheapie LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS could spawn such a great musical? I didn't even know there was a stage musical version of A CHRISTMAS STORY until Fox starting putting together their upcoming live broadcast of it.

The latest film to become a musical is THE LOST BOYS. G Tom Mac, the singer/songwriter who recorded the song "Cry Little Sister" for the 1987 vampire movie, has been developing a musical called A LOST BOYS STORY, which he says will 

…give a back story to the characters and tell where they came from, and how they became vampires, and their rebellious nature and youthful uniqueness, yet keeping in line with the humor that worked so well with the horror in the film."

This is something Mac has been working on for years, putting together songs with titles like "Sleep All Day Party All Night", "Be One of Us", "Long Hot Summer (Michael & Star's Theme)", and "Death by Stereo".

Mac doesn't have a stage performance of the musical set up yet, but he does intend to release the soundtrack in October to give a preview of the songs that fans will someday have the chance to see performed live.

"Cry Little Sister" is pretty awesome (the original version, the one below not so much), so I'm interested in checking out the soundtrack to see what Mac has come up with for his musical.

Source: Broadway World

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