Game of Thrones alum Ed Skrein will take the keys to The Transporter reboot

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

British actor Ed Skrein is taking the keys to THE TRANSPORTER franchise, which is moving forward without original star Jason Statham. The series will continue with Skrein in the lead role as the same character, Frank Martin/aka The Transporter, but will act as a prequel with plans to do three new films. EuropaCorp CEO Christophe Lambert commented on the casting, saying:

“We searched everywhere to find a fresh face who had the potential to become an action movie star and we’ve found the right match with Ed Skrein, who’s not only a great actor but also has enough charisma and physical stamina to play Frank Martin (the ‘Transporter’s’ leading role) with brio."

Lambert says the first installment will "return to the French Riviera, site of the first pic" and that the writers have "given more depth to the character of Frank Martin," using the example of the movie exploring "Martin’s relationship with his father, whose role will be played by a prominent thesp." BRICK MANSIONS director Camille Delamarre is at the helm for the first installment.

I thought the first three TRANSPORTER films with Statham were fun drivel, but not much more, so I don't really take this to heart. However, the series, especially with Statham in it, has a strong following and I'm sure there will be some sour responses to anyone but the original actor in the role. That said, I liked Skrein in Game of Thrones as Daario Naharis, so perhaps he'll bring some of that charm and physical prowess to THE TRANSPORTER series.

THE TRANSPORTER reboot starts shooting in June.

Source: Variety

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