Gaumont takes on coming-of-age werewolf tale When Animals Dream

Last Updated on July 23, 2021

French sales company Gaumont has picked up sales on Danish filmmaker Jonas Arnby’s WHEN ANIMALS DREAM, a tale about a young girl who is hunted down by the inhabitants of her remote fishing village when it emerges she is a werewolf, according to Screen Daily.

The film, which is being compared to LET THE RIGHT ONE IN and CARRIE, stars newcomer Sonia Suhl as the tragic protagonist Marie, who wreaks a bloody revenge on her persecutors, with support from Lars Mikkelsen (star of the Danish television series "The Killing", which inspired the US series, and brother of "Hannibal" star Mads Mikkelsen) and Sonja Richter as her parents and Jakob Oftebro as her love interest.

WHEN ANIMALS DREAM is commercials and shorts director Jonas Arnby’s feature-length debut.

“It’s a coming-of-age horror film set in a secluded fishing village of Denmark about a young girl falling in love and discovering she is a werewolf through her mother at the same time as she gets hunted down by the villagers.”

Shooting began last month.

Gaumont will unveil a teaser and photos for the production which started shooting in the remote Danish region of North Jutland in early September at this weeks AFM. The picture is due for delivery in time for Cannes next year.

Source: Screen Daily

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