Geek Girl: Netflix set to adapt YA novels into series

The British novel series about a gawky teenager who is plucked from obscurity to embark on a modeling career is planned to film this year.

Last Updated on January 23, 2023

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Netflix is continuing its string of original content blitz with the newest announcement of an adaptation of a young adult novel into a series. Deadline has the exclusive on the next property the streaming giant has acquired. Geek Girl is a series of British novels by the author, Holly Smales, that is set to adapt into a ten-part series as a Canadian and British co-production. The project is looking to start filming later this year.

The synopsis reads, Geek Girl tells the story of awkward, neurodiverse teenager Harriet Manners whose life is turned upside down when she is spotted to be a model and embarks on a life-affirming journey of self-discovery as she balances high school and high fashion.”

The project is helmed by writer and director Jeff Norton and comes from the IP and production studio, Waterside Studios. They will be collaborating with a children’s content distributor called Nelvana. And both are backed by Canada’s Corus Entertainment. Their own television channels will also be airing Geek Girl.

Geek Girl will be made by a UK drama company by the name of Ruby Rock Pictures, which was founded by Zoë Rocha, who also produces Sky’s Moone Boy with Chris O’Dowd. Additionally, the show will also be made by Canada’s Aircraft Pictures.

The novels of Geek Girl are published through HarperCollins and have been translated all over the world into more than 30 languages. Netflix looks to stream the property globally as well.

There are presently not any details revealed about casting for the project. However, it’s natural whoever the project will cast will be asking for a multi-year commitment as they will probably want to spread out the releases of the series. Netflix is known for experimenting with release models, and recently, the streaming company has gone on a rampage of canceling shows, much to the chagrin of many audiences. The Netflix service is ideal for binge-watching, and with the many hours of content, when a show hits, viewers become addicted, and they have successes like the Dahmer mini-series and, of course, Stranger Things.

No release date has been announced yet, but with filming looking to take place this year, it’s likely the first of the series will release sometime next year.

Source: Deadline

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