George Miller comments on Mad Max: Wasteland

Last Updated on July 31, 2021

In an interview with The Independent, George Miller talked about the "Black-and-Chrome" (a metal way of saying "black-and-white") re-release of MAD MAX: FURY ROAD into theaters. However, during that interview, Miller let out a few details about the potential FURY ROAD sequel MAD MAX: WASTELAND, of which Tom Hardy is already committed:

One of the advantages of the many delays [on FURY ROAD] was that we were able to spend time getting into these backstories…We dug down deep into the subtext, the backstory of all the characters, and indeed the world…and without really thinking about it, we wrote two other screenplays just as part of the bible of the stories…Somewhere, if the planets align, there will be two other films.

Miller continued, and revealed how deep into the mythology he went, as he spoke about the Doof Warrior (the guy with the rockin' guitar) in FURY ROAD:

I know who his mother was. I know how it was that a man who is mute and blind survived the apocalypse. I know his story very well!…If we get to make another movie, the Doof Warrior will be there!

However, when or if WASTELAND comes to fruition, it won't be Miller's next film, instead he wants to make something "quick and small just to reboot the brain". Then again, George Lucas said the same thing for over forty years, so we'll see how that works out for Miller.

Honestly, I'm just excited for a Doof Warrior movie. BRING IT ON!

Source: The Independent

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