Ghostly new stills from Takashi Miike’s Over Your Dead Body

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

Making its premiere as part of the Vanguard section of the Toronto International Film Festival this September is a new Takashi Miike film entitled OVER YOUR DEAD BODY. This being a Takashi Miike film, it looks wonderfully insane and you'll quickly see why when you take a look at the pictures we've scrounged up for you. I'm not entirely sure what's going on with this chick, but she definitely missed a spot with her makeup and I don't think anyone has the heart to tell her. Poor thing.

International Film Festival's Vanguard program seduces audiences with a sensory experience full of mystery and boundary-busting madness with bold international films that walk the razor’s edge. International programmer Colin Geddes brings together the work of some of the most audacious auteurs in the world to present a cinematic adventure that takes audiences to the dark, dangerous places that both unnerve yet intrigue them.

Here's a synopsis:

A star, Miyuki Goto (Ko Shibasaki) plays Oiwa, the protagonist in a new play based on the ghost story Yotsuya Kaidan. She pulls some strings to get her lover, Kosuke Hasegawa (Ebizo Ichikawa) cast in the play, even though he’s a relatively unknown actor. Other performers Rio Asahina (Miho Nakanishi) and Jun Suzuki (Hideaki Ito) lust after Miyuki. Off stage the cast’s possessive love and obsessions exist as reality. Trapped between the play and reality, the cast’s feelings for each other are amplified. When it becomes clear that love is not meant to be both on and off stage, love turns into a grudge and crosses the blurred line between reality and fantasy.

Ebizo Ichikawa, Ko Shibasaki, Hideaki Ito, Miho Nakanishi, Maiko, Toshie Negishi, Hiroshi Katsuno and Ikko Furuya star.

Source: Arrow in the Head

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