Paramount entertains the CinemaCon crowd with a first look at Ridley Scott’s Gladiator II

Paramount transforms CinemaCon into the Coliseum with a first look at Ridley Scott’s highly-anticipated Gladiator II.

Instead of sending in the lions, Paramount unleashed a first look at Ridley Scott’s highly-anticipated Gladiator II at CinemaCon in Las Vegas. Appropriately screened at Caesar’s Palace, where the annual onslaught of film and television previews takes place, the sequel to Scott’s 2000 action drama starring Russel Crowe and Joaquin Phoenix includes a brutal display of power and corruption as Lucius (Paul Mescal) aims to become as formidable as Crowe’s iconic character Maximus Decimus Meridius.

During Paramount’s CinemaCon presentation for Gladiator II, Ridley Scott introduced the film from London while the entire cast sent comments in a video compilation. Scott says Gladiator II is more spectacular than the original. Thems bold words, sir!

Pedro Pascal has always been a huge Gladiator fan and has seen it twice in theaters. Meanwhile, Denzel Washington says the new film is why people go to the movies.

JoBlo’s editor-in-chief, Chris Bumbray, says the 5-minute trailer is incredible. Paul Mescal looks a lot like Crowe, with the same beard. Lucius is a gladiator trained by Denzel’s character. Meanwhile, Pedro Pascal is a Roman general trying to lead a revolt against the sadistic emperor (Joseph Quinn). At some point, Quinn and Mescal meet in the gladiator ring for a battle. The games are more sadistic this time, with the gladiators fighting wild baboons unarmed and a rhino. You also see lots of Nielsen, who seems to be in cahoots with Denzel and opposes the emperor. Gladiator II has a ton of action and intrigue. Mescal and Pascal look like they handle the action side, with no shots of Denzel fighting.

A promotional standee for Gladiator II is one of the first displays CinemaCon attendees see when they enter the event. The promo teases the action, deception, and bloodlust to come in Scott’s new film, and now we’ve got a better idea of what to expect when the film arrives in theaters on November 22, 2024

Paul Mescal (All of Us StrangersNormal PeopleAftersun) leads Gladiator II, taking over the lead from Russell Crowe’s Maximus. Mescal plays Lucius, the son of Lucilla (Connie Nielsen), who is fully grown in the sequel. The story takes place several years after Maximus’ death in the original. Before he died, Maximus rescued Lucius and his mother from the clutches of the young man’s uncle, Commodus (Phoenix). The event left an impression on Lucius, who aspires to be as formidable as Maximus as he braves a harsh world.

Pedro Pascal (The Last of Us), Denzel Washington (Philadelphia), Connie Nielsen (Wonder Woman), Joseph Quinn (Stranger Things), Matt Lucas (Wonka), Fred Hechinger (The Woman in the Window), Derek Jacobi (Dead Again), and May Calamawy (Moon Knight) join Mescal as primary cast members in Gladiator II. Ridley Scott directs the Gladiator sequel from a script by David Scarpa (All The Money In the World).

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Source: JoBlo

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