Goonies on Broadway?

I never really latched on to THE GOONIES (my 80s escapism tastes went closer to THE EXPLORERS, MONSTER SQUAD and THE LAST STARFIGHTER), but the Steven Spielberg-produced, Richard Donner-directed kidventure still has plenty of fans.

They aren’t the only ones who want more thrills and chills in the lives of Mikey, Chunk, Data, Mouth, those two chicks, and their mutant buddy Sloth. For years, Richard Donner has been trying to get another GOONIES movie made, whether a sequel involving the original characters’ offspring, or a dreaded “re-imagining” of the first flick, none of which proved convincing enough to Warner Bros. for anything other than direct-to-DVD release, which Donner believes isn’t good enough for THE GOONIES (who ‘R’ good enough).

Now Donner is apparently trying a completely different route to get GOONIES back in the flesh: Broadway. JoBlo reader ‘Mike B.’ just saw Donner at a Q&A for SUPERMAN, and let us know the man’s plans: “What he is actively pushing forward with to get off the ground is a Broadway play version of the original. He specified that he had just met with Warner Brothers as recently as yesterday, and that they’re enthusiastically in support of it. Donner specified that while he will not be directing, he intends on taking on the role of producer and wants “creative influence” over the production. That’s right from the horse’s mouth.

Thanks for the heads up, Mike! Hey, it’s currently working for YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN. And if Corey Feldman can get another shot at playing Edgar Frog, anything is possible, right?

Source: JoBlo

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