Gregory Plotkin in talks to direct theme park slasher Hellfest

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

Gregory Plotkin

For the third time, CBS Films has picked a director for their slasher HELLFEST. This is a project the company has had in the works for several years now, with the first director being hired back in December of 2011. That director was Neil Marshall (DOG SOLDIERS, THE DESCENT), and at the time HELLFEST was expected to be in production by the summer of 2012.

HELLFEST didn't get made, Marshall left the project, and last August another director was hired – Jennifer Lynch, whose credits include BOXING HELENA, HISSS, and episodes of several genre TV shows, including The Walking Dead. Production was supposed to begin this past winter. It didn't, and Lynch left the project.

Maybe the third time's the charm. It has been revealed that CBS Films' new choice to direct HELLFEST is Gregory Plotkin, a veteran editor who made his feature directorial debut with PARANORMAL ACTIVITY: THE GHOST DIMENSION (after editing all of the other PARANORMAL ACTIVITY sequels). The deal with Plotkin has not yet been closed, but negotiations are underway.

I'll always be wondering what the movie would have been like if Marshall had remained on board, but I'll give Plotkin a chance because I do find the concept of this film to be very appealing. Written by William Penick and Chris Sey, HELLFEST is about 

a costumed killer who systematically slaughters the unsuspecting visitors who come to a theme park on Halloween night. 

Gale Anne Hurd is producing HELLFEST through her company Valhalla Motion Pictures. CBS Films is hoping this movie will be the start of a new slasher franchise, so they need to go ahead and get it made already.

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