Guillermo del Toro answers ten questions for the fun of it

I love Guillermo del Toro. He is one of the most adorable human beings of all time. So I’m more than happy to post anything del Toro related. Tomorrow in the new issue of Time magazine, the director will be featured in an on-going column in which the mag asks ten questions.

There’s some interesting stuff here but I would have thrown in some really random questions like: Do you enjoy pretzel M&M’s? Which Ninja Turtle is best? They say that Charmin is the softest toilet paper, but is it really? I call bullshit.

Enjoy del Toro’s responses below. UPDATE: Unfortunately, I’ve had to take a good majority of the interview off. Hope you got to read it. If you happen to have a subscription to U.S. Time, then you can read the rest online here. My apologies del Toro fans.

Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark, the new film that you co-wrote and produced, is a remake of a 1973 TV movie. There are a lot of remakes and reboots and reimaginings lately. How does one do a “re-” anything well?

It needs to come from a place of genuine love. When remakes come from a genuine place, like [John] Carpenter’s The Thing or [David] Cronen­berg’s The Fly, they can be really good.

There’s a lot of whispering in this film, which is the most inexpensive scare effect ever.

There is no more terrifying horror than the one that is intimate. Whispers are that.

Source: Time

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