Halloween III script reading with Danielle Harris to stream live on YouTube

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

The folks at Scripts Gone Wild have found a very cool way to benefit various charitable causes, gathering celebrities together for an event that functions as both a live script reading and a drinking game. Here's how they explain it: 

SCRIPTS GONE WILD is a monthly script reading series where we take a group of suspecting celebs, filmmakers, and influencers – put a movie script and alcohol in their hands – and see what happens! It's a drinking game – any time a reader flubs a line, misses their cue – THEY DRINK! It's a riotous good time that benefits a righteous good cause.

The next Scripts Gone Wild event is scheduled to start streaming on the Scripts Gone Wild YouTube channel – live and for free – tonight, October 28th, at 10:30pm Eastern. This one is very appropriate for the season and will probably be of special interest to horror fans, because the script for HALLOWEEN III: SEASON OF THE WITCH (watch it HERE) is the one being read, and one of the celebrities who will be taking part in the reading is an actress who has been in four different HALLOWEEN films, Danielle Harris.

Harris is being joined by Tiffany Shepis, Cerina Vincent, Debbie Rochon, Ted Raimi, Lew Temple, Rain Pryor, Sean Tretta, Brian Collins, Natasha Halevi-Gunn, Michael Varrati, Izzy Lee, and Robert Eisenhauer.

Every time one of our readers flubs a line, forgets their place, gets distracted – THEY DRINK!
-the audience chooses a 'social word' and any time that word is read in the script, EVERYONE DRINKS.
-our fans on social media vote on their favorite line from the film. We draw one at random at the beginning of the show and – when we reach that line – every reader finishes whatever is in their glass!
-if any of our readers don't drink, we choose a DESIGNATED DRINKER from the audience to help them along

Scripts Gone Wild's HALLOWEEN III event is being held to benefit the nonprofit organization Everytown for Gun Safety. As they say, "we're not charging to join in on the shenanigans, but are simply encouraging everyone to make donations".

I definitely have to watch that cast read the lines of HALLOWEEN III, so I will be checking out this YouTube live stream. Judging by the archive of videos on the Scripts Gone Wild channel, it looks like the script reading will still be available to view on YouTube after the live stream is over.

Source: Scripts Gone Wild YouTube, Scripts Gone Wild Facebook

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