Harvey Birdman spinoff to fly on Adult Swim with Paget Brewster as Birdgirl

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

Harvey Birdman, Adult Swim, Paget Brewster

Order! I demand order in the court! I'm going to need you all to settle down as I make this important announcement. Adult Swim has granted a series order to BIRDGIRL, a spinoff of HARVEY BIRDMAN, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Paget Brewster, who voiced the Birdgirl character in the original series will reprise her role for the upcoming animation, which sees Judy Ken Sebben (aka Birdgirl) being named CEO of the world’s largest and most nonsensical corporation, Sebben & Sebben. As part of the challenge to her being appointed to the new position, Judy will have to find a way to maintain her work/superhero life balance. As per the show's description, Judy will make her way through the halls of the company headquarters while assembling her Birdteam. By day, they try to drag the company into this century. By mid-afternoon, they usually end up having to break a lot of things to stop something bad that one of them may have helped cause.

The new animated series will be presented as a half-hour affair, thanks to the efforts of ME Productions, who created and will executive produce the series. With animation provided by Awesome Inc., BIRDGIRL will be produced by Susan Shipsk with Rich Ferguson-Hull directing.

This news is sure to please HARVEY BIRDMAN, ATTORNEY AT LAW fans, as the show has been deemed a must-watch since its 2001 launch on Adult Swim. If you've never tuned in for Harvey Birdman, you can liken it to other animated offerings like SPACE GHOST COAST TO COAST, THE BRAK SHOW, AQUA TEEN HUNGER FORCE, ARCHER, SEALAB 2021, and other such adult-oriented animated series. There's no word as to whether BIRDGIRL will also feature HARVEY BIRDMAN, ATTORNEY AT LAW's crude, zany and biting tone, though I'd say it's a sure bet that the show will serve up plenty of laughs as Judy finds herself adjusting to her new position as the CEO of Sebben & Sebben.

Source: Variety

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