Has Terminator: Genesis undergone a title change? Is it now titled…

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

There was already some back and forth rumors thrown around earlier this year concerning the title of the upcoming TERMINATOR film and now it seems that a title change may be in effect.

According to Bleeding Cool, Alan Taylor’s TERMINATOR: GENESIS has undergone a title change, and will simply drop the “GENESIS” subtitle and go by TERMINATOR. Apparently, several of their sources claim that the film’s licensing, merchandise, and toys that tie into the film are being branded as TERMINATOR tie-ins, with the word "GENESIS" nowhere to be found.

So could the films title be simply TERMINATOR? It wouldn't surprise me, but nothing is official just yet. Perhaps we'll learn more at Comic Con next month, where I'm sure Paramount has a few surprises awaiting us.

Directed by Alan Taylor, TERMINATOR: GENESIS stars Arnold Schwarzenegger, Emilia Clarke, Jason Clarke, Jai Courtney, Byung-hun Lee, Matt Smith, Aaron V. Williamson, Dayo Okeniyi and J.K. Simmons. It opens on July 1, 2015.

Source: Bleeding Cool

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