Hell and Back’s red band trailer features farts and non-consensual hand love

It's not often that you see an R-rated stop-motion animated feature, but Shadow Machine's new film HELL AND BACK is definitely looking to fill that void. Nick Swardson and T.J. Miller lead HELL AND BACK, which comes from the same animation studio which produces Bojack Horseman and Robot Chicken, as two best friends who must make a journey to the underworld to rescue their friend Curt (Rob Riggle) after they mistakenly send him there.

"Enjoy your stay in Hell, pick up after yourself, your mother doesn't live here, if she does she was a whore."

Well, that certainly won't be for everyone but thankfully the trailer makes no effort to disguise what type of film it is; by the time the trailer concludes you'll likely know whether or not the film is for you. HELL AND BACK also features the voices of Mila Kunis, Danny McBride, Bob Odenkirk, Susan Sarandon, David Koechner, Michael Pena, Kumail Nanjiani, Jennifer Coolidge, and many others.

In the outrageous R rated animated comedy from the Animation studio that brought you “Robot Chicken,” “Triptank” and “Bojack Horseman,” three friends embark on a wayward journey into the deepest, darkest depths of hell to rescue one of their own. While navigating their escape, they provoke a slew of misfit demons, a super sexy angel, infamous Greek legends, and the Devil himself; Hell has never been hotter!

HELL AND BACK opens on October 2, 2015.

Source: Youtube

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