Catherine O’Hara recreates Home Alone 2 moment perfectly

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

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Catherine O'Hara may be known to a new generation for her role on Schitt's Creek playing Moira Rose but for a lot of us, she's still Kevin McCallister's mom from HOME ALONE. The film recently celebrated its 30th anniversary and O'Hara celebrated the milestone with a TikTok video recreating one of her most classic moments from the film.

To be fair, O'Hara is recreating the more exaggerated moment from 1992's HOME ALONE 2: LOST IN NEW YORK but her character does shout out her son's name in the first film when she realizes that the family has accidentally left him behind when they jet off on a Christmas vacation. In the first film, the moment is played more for genuine shock but in the sequel, it's done in a kind of "oh, here we go again" way that is actually more memorable to fans of the HOME ALONE films. Check out O'Hara recreating the classic moment below:

O'Hara's recreation is pretty spot on with her also falling out of frame perfectly timed to the original clip. It's great to see someone like her having fun with a role and a film that she knows is beloved by many all these years later. O'Hara is having a pretty great 2020, at least professionally, following her time on Schitt's Creek. It took a while for the show to find its audience but once it did, the series truly exploded and the show called it a clean sweep at the Emmys for its final season, with O'Hara picking up the Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series award for her stellar work. 

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